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Choreographers who submit work that is selected to be performed will be eligible for the following awards:

  • $350 cash award for first place.

  • Commission of Selling Tickets  

  • will receive a professional quality video of work in performance on the festival stage.

O-Jak Bridge Festival

and wins $350 Cash!


2022 O-Jak Bridge

Call for Choreography

  • Work submitted for consideration may include the choreographer as a performer.

  • At least two years of demonstrated choreographic work. The work you submit may be created on youth companies, universities and/or professional companies, or on your own group of dancers you have selected/hired. 

  • The work MUST be more than 5 dancers. Solos, Duets and Trios will not be accepted.

  • The work does not have to be premiered at the festival however it needs to have been completed no earlier than January 1, 2017.

  • Dancers performing in the video submission should preferably be the dancers who will perform at the festival; however, this is not a requirement.

  • The choreographer must provide their own dancers for the festival performance. 

  • Every effort will be made to provide up to an hour of rehearsal time prior to the tech/dress rehearsal. However, this cannot be guaranteed. The piece should come fully rehearsed. 

  • All production costs associated with the festival performance except costuming. All expenses related to costuming is the responsibility of the choreographer.

  • Dancers must be at least 16 years of age. Any exception must be granted by the MMDC artistic director.

Deadline for Submissions: Aug 31, 2022


  • Video of the work – must be a minimum of 7 minutes and no more than 10 minutes.

  • May be a rehearsal filmed in the studio or of a performance on a concert stage. In either case, the work should be filmed in costume. No videos from a competition event will be accepted. If the work is still in progress at the time of submission, please send a sample consisting of at least 3 minutes of the work.

  • An artist's statement of intent about the work. This may include concept description, intent of music selection, inspiration behind the work, etc. The statement may not be longer than one single-spaced page.

  • A resume or curriculum vitae (CV). 

  • A $35 non-refundable fee. Waiver of the fee will be considered with a legitimate case for financial hardship.


  • Concept, clarity of purpose of the dance.

  • Movement invention, exploration of movement to the purpose of the dance.

  • Development of thematic material.

  • Choreographic texture and individuality of creative voice.

  • All Dance Styles are Welcoming!! Classical, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Latin, Cultural and Street Dance. We are encouraging mix-cross genres!!  


  • Deadline for submissions is Aug 31, 2022.

  • All applicants will receive an email regarding decisions no later than Sep 23.

  • Signed ’Commitment to Perform’ agreements and a refundable deposit of $100 for those selected. 

  • Waivers for the deposit will be granted for students and professionals who have a legitimate case for financial hardship.


  • All submitted work must be wholly original and may not infringe upon the copyright or other intellectual property or other legal or moral rights of any other person or entity.

  • Applicants are responsible for obtaining and securing any and all rights, licenses, consent, and permissions, if applicable, from third parties in relation to any copyrighted material that is not your own (e.g., music used in your performance).

  • If you are submitting work and you are not the choreographer, you must obtain written permission and submit it to the MMDC artistic director. This will be required as part of the confirmation process if the work is selected for the festival.

  • If your work has been submitted to other competitions, you are responsible for getting permission to submit to MMDC when this is applicable.


  • Please complete the submission form.

  • Please have all your materials ready before beginning the submission because you CAN NOT save* your application in-process and come back to complete and submit.

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