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Studio Rentals

MMDC Dance Company has a Dance studio space for rent.

We’ve been fortunate to incubate many artists as they have begun their long and successful careers. Space can be used for class, workshops, rehearsals,

photo shoots and more.


For viewing and questions please contact Gallery B612.

To book studio space visit


MMDC Dance’s studio is about 600 sq, equipped with sprung wood sub-floors and have natural light,
full-length mirrors, self-adjusting heat and air conditioning,

and 12-foot ceilings.


The studio is available for rental 8 am – Midnight, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  •  Dressing room is available

  •  Private Restroom

  •  3 Reserved Parking Spots

  •  Plenty of Street Parking

  •  Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm, excluding federal holidays.

Small Class or Rehearsals

(Solo &  Duet 25.00/h + Tax)

Trio - Group Class or Rehearsals

(3-5 people, $30.00/h + Tax)

Large Group 

(6 and more )$45.00/h + Tax)

 Late Night Hours (10pm-12am)

+ $10.00/h, + late night security deposit

Auditions $62.00

Video/Photography shoot $125.00

Commercial / Film shoot

Please call the office to inquire

Key deposit $20.00
(Refundable upon return of key)

Late night security deposit$50.00
(Refundable upon appropriate use of space)

*Please note that ALL renters using the space in the evening or on the weekend are responsible for picking up keys during office hours.

Studio Policies

Welcome to MMDC Dance’s Studio Share Program!

We look forward to developing a friendly and professional relationship with everyone. Please spend a few moments to review the information below. We hope the below will clarify our policies and procedures and answer any questions you may have.

Paying for Space

Short Term Renters: Payment for space must be made prior to use of the space. Renters cannot use the space without paying.

Longer Term Renters:* Credit card information must be provided. Renters will be sent an invoice no later than the 5th of the month.

*A renters is considered a long term renter if they rent the space once a week for more than 3 consecutive months, are in good standing,
and have not violated the studio policies. Consult with the Studio Manager to verify your current status.

You can make a payment in one of the following ways:

– In Person. For your convenience Venmo, credit card, and personal checks are all accepted at the office. (No Cash)
– Should you pay by check and it bounces, there is a $500 fee added to your account, regardless of rental cost
– By Phone. American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard are all accepted.
– By Email. We send you an invoice. you can make a payment with your Credit Card or Debit Card.

Canceling a Booking

A booking may be cancelled without charges within 24 hours of booking being scheduled. After this period, cancellation penalties
will be charged.

Refund Policy
Renters will be able to get a refund for a cancelled rental according based on the following – If you cancel your rental:

– 3 weeks to 1 Month prior to rental (22 to 30 days) = 75% of payment refunded
– 2-3 weeks prior to rental (14 to 21 days) = 50% of payment refunded
– 1-2 weeks prior to rental (7 to 13 days) = 25% of payment refunded
– Less than 1 week prior to rental (6 days or less) = No payment refunded

Penalties and Fines

– Renters are responsible for closing the doors behind them when done using the space.

This rule is in place so that MMDC can continue to offer a safe, secure, affordable and accessible space for renters.
Failure to follow this rule will result in a $150 fine.

– Any renter who leaves the studio in less than clean condition will receive a verbal or written warning.
Failure to respond and/or a repeated offense may result in a $25 fine.

– Any renter who fails to turn off the lights, fans, AC or heaters upon leaving the space will receive a $50 fine.

– A 10% late charge will be added to any balance 30 days past due.

– The use of rosin is prohibited in the studios.  Failure to follow this rule will result in a $100 fine.

Other Reminders

– You are only permitted to use the studio you have booked, regardless of whether or not the other studio
appears open. Our Gallery Front sometimes rent the space in order to keep it quiet. Please be respectful.

– Do not stay past your designated booking time. We have security Cameras 24/7, there are renters who stay
past their scheduled slot, especially during the late night hours. This constitutes an unauthorized use of space
and is not permissible under ANY circumstances.

– Do not wear shoes that leave scuff marks on the studio floors. If you notice that your shoes
are leaving marks, remove them immediately.

– Remove all trash and keep the studios, dressing rooms, and space clean. If you put tape on the floor,
please remove it before you leave. 

Other Important Information

Food and Drink:
Food and Drink, other than water, are NOT allowed in the studios. MMDC encourages you to use the dancers’ waiting
area in the Gallery Front to finish your food/drink and to dispose of your trash before entering the studio.

NOTE: Please empty all liquids in the sink before tossing your cups and bottles.

Gum: Chewing gum is prohibited in the studios.


Candles & Incense:
The use of candles and incense is strictly prohibited at all times throughout the building.

Rosin: The use of Rosin is prohibited in the studios.

Intercom & Doorbell:
Rehearsal directors/class instructors are responsible for buzzing in colleagues on our intercom. Please use the “talk”
button to ask for identification before opening the door. Once the members of the group reach the door at the top of
the stairs, please let them in.

Please be responsible and leave the studio when your time is up. Studio space is booked back to back and it is
important to be respectful of other renters’ time.

Emergencies & Accidents:
Please let us know immediately! We have a first aid kit for minor emergencies. The Studio Manager will gladly
contact the proper authorities if there is a serious emergency that needs attention.

Any renters that leave scuff marks will
be required to clean the floors after their studio use. (We will provide the materials – consult the Studio Manager for


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