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22' O-Jak Bridge Dance and Art Festival
Sat, Nov 5 at 7pm (Pacific)
Broadway Performance Hall

Please join us in this first annual O-Jak Bridge Dance and Art Festival!

This special one night only event, presented by MiYoung Margolis Dance Collective, will engage the audience in an elevated multicultural performance art experience, featuring dancers from the MMDC as well as select guest dancers and choreographers.  Together we will experience not just a night of incredible entertainment and art, but also create an opportunity for us all to get together to share a new appreciation for our diverse cultures and heritage.



  • MiYoung Margolis - Artistic Director & Choreographer

  • Tatiana Linardopoulou

  • Christie Lee

  • Kang-Hee Lim

  • Parmida Ziaei

  • Sandy Flores

  • Ben Chi

  • Venus Volante

  • Jae-Won Moon

  • Stephanie Su

  • June Oh

  • Hyun-Jung Jin

  • Claudia Chang - Junior Lead

Presented by, 
MiYoung Margolis Dance Collective


Featured Artist/Choreographer
Parmida Ziaei

Selected Choreography: Journey

Journey is a performance, centered around the concept of immigration but through a more universal and fluid lens. Journey explores what it means to leave something behind – a loved one, a home, or our past selves. It’s about what happens when you decide to stay, and what happens when you leave. The performance aims to question our concept of immigration more globally and compassionately, and also leaves room for the audiences to simply feel the emotions though movement and visuals.

Choreographed by Parmida Ziaei

Artwork by Nakisa Dehpanah

Projections by Stephani Su

Photo by Caean Couto

Screenshot 2022-08-30 144411.jpg

Founded by PNB dancer Abby Jayne DeAngelo and former PNB dancer Guillaume Basso, will also showcase excerpts from Swan Lake, including 10 ABS Dancers & a pas de deux danced by the founders themselves

Guest Performer
Adage Ballet Studio

Screenshot 2022-08-29 143818.jpg

Presenting 3 parts within our Persian Spiritual Medley, two Rhythmic pieces from the Album Dode Oud/Smoke out of Oud the string instrument.

The music is describing the Celestial World with Angels dancing. We are sandwiching a vocal piece from the poem of RUMI, the well-known Middle Eastern Mystic.

KOSMIX Maniac medium.jpg

Guest Artist

KOSMIX aims to elevate the level of quality, creativity, and community within the Seattle K-Pop community through its videos and events. Moreover, the group takes pride in its diverse membership and ability to push its dancers to grow.



Bernice Ye

Comedian • Writer • Dancer



Jeffrey Margolis

MMDC Executive Director

Principal Architect, AR Engineer at Google

Poster Art by S. L. Yang
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